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Dodgers Chase Utley
Chase Utley is reportedly considering four teams to sign with.

Chase Utley returning to Dodgers remains a question

Chase Utley returning to Dodgers remains a question

Despite the Los Angeles Dodgers acquiring Logan Forsythe the need for Chase Utley next season is still there and some players have already voiced their support.

Utley’s defensive prowess at second base makes him invaluable, and he has provided a collection of highlight reel plays. Chase Utley is already 38 but his production still makes him more than serviceable. According to Pro Baseball-reference.com, last season with 512 at-bats, he had a batting average of .252, 14 home runs, and 52 runs batted in. That’s not bad for an old second baseman, considering his age.

In my opinion, these numbers are decent enough to warrant at least another one year contract.  Dodgers Rookie of the Year Corey Seager has also made it known he wants Utley back in blue this season, as Matthew Moreno recently shared via his Twitter account.


His mentoring of Seager while holding down second base made the two an entertaining duo, and according to Seager himself, Utley was instrumental in his effective rookie campaign.

“That hurts,” Seager said. “Chase helped me a lot, he really did, and I can’t thank him enough. But that’s the name of the game. Hopefully there’s still a chance he comes back. I won’t ever lose contact, I’ll still ask for advice.”

Via Dodgers Nation, Gabe Burns. http://www.dodgersnation.com/dodgers-news-corey-seager-said-potential-loss-chase-utley-hurts-gb1293/2017/01/28/

However, Seager doesn’t run the team and it will be interesting how team President Andrew Friedman and general manager Farhan Zaidi deal with this moving forward.

Ken Rosenthal just tweeted that Utley is close to a decision and is down to four teams.

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