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How To Watch Dodger Games Without Time Warner Cable
How To Watch Dodger Games Without Time Warner Cable

How To Watch Dodger Games Without Time Warner Cable

As we enter a third season of no Dodgers Baseball to 70% of the Los Angeles market, I wanted to make sure people know they have an alternative to Time Warner Cable and Charter. I don’t expect an agreement between Time Warner and the other TV providers such as DirecTV, Verizon Fios, AT& T U-verse, etc to happen this year once again. So what does that mean for 70% of Los Angeles? Well it means we are unable to watch Dodgers games once again, but there are a few options that we can take advantage of.

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Many people have resorted to online free streams but when I have tried them they were very slow and many people said they got a virus from those sites and the numerous pop up windows. What I did last year and will continue to do this year once again was purchase a subscription to MLB.TV. Yes the subscription costs $109.99, but that is less than paying a provider every month for channels I don’t want. Also depending when you sign up for MLB.TV the price might be cheaper. Two years I believe I signed up in May for half the cost because I had watched one of the Free games of the day, so price can vary depending on start date. If you live in the Los Angeles market though we have the issue of Blackouts, but that is where a service like UnBlockUs or Unlocator comes in. What these services do is simple, they hide your geographical location so you are able to connect to something that may be Blacked out in your area. Both these services offer a one week free trial and charge $5 monthly after that. Its up to you if you want to pay entire year or for just the duration of the baseball season. I used UnBlockUs last year and had no issues. You can connect through a computer, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV and many other devices. They both have a full list of devices on their websites and easy install Instructions.


UnlocatorThis is the solution I would recommend to anyone that is tired of this ridiculous TV situation. I no longer have words for the situation and had to find alternative means to watch the games. Give it a shot, try the free trials what do you have to lose? It is not like the games will be available anytime soon.

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  1. Does it matter whether you purchase the premium package at $129.99 or $109.99 for unblock us to work?

  2. How do I Get this and how much?????

  3. Are you charged the 130.00 immediately? What I mean is , is the price spread out monthly over the coarse of a year ? So that if you decide to cancel sometime later you don’t pay for the year.

  4. have you found anyway to watch Dodgers games without having to use the Internet? Example buying the mlb package through directv but blocking your location. I live in the country and don’t have more than 30gb of Internet per month which would allow me a mere three games of streaming at most.

  5. Guys MLB.tv is legit. I’m a fan in San Diego and there’s no way for me to get ANY game here. This site allows me to watch Vin and the Dodgers from anywhere!

  6. Do I purchase to MLB packagd on my computer then purchase unblock or u locator. Or does it matter. Can I buy the MLB package on my computer then install unblock the. Stream with chromecast? What do you recommend?

    • mm

      get MLB.tv then try the trials of Unblockus or unlocator, see what you prefer. There also was a plugin that worked on web browsers, but no longer sure of the status of that

  7. Will MLB.tv block Dodger games based on your billing address or does it block via your ISP settings?

    Thanks, Jeff

  8. I have dircetv and there no way i can t watch dodgers.

  9. i have subscribed to MLB.tv for years now and although I haven’t lived in a local market for years, I can vouch for it being a great product. It occasionally has issues, but I have also found that if you watch on a computer, the Hola unblocker extension for chrome works perfectly for watching local games.

  10. I have a question….if you get the $130 package of mlb.tv and get the unblocker with it…..will it show you ALL the dodger games live even though they might air them on ESPN or on saturdays on FOX?

    • mm

      if the broadcast is available to out of country viewers it might work. I just checked right now on the Cubs Cards game and the game is not on MLB.tv since its a National Broadcast.

      • So yea that’s what I mean. National broadcast. But most likely that’s what the dodger channel is for right. To show most of their games on there. so if it’s a dodger game broadcasted on ESPN. …we won’t be able to see it.

        • mm

          yeah, but if you are using one of the services and it shows you connecting from out of country you should be good to watch. It says on MLB page blocked in US, so if you are shown connection from Canada you should be good. So I’m guessing you don’t have ESPN, even still miss 2-3 games are miss all?

          • So that $5 program can put u like in Canada? I’m in southern California and I’m undecided whether buying all this is worth it instead of cable.

  11. what kind of picture quality does the game come in with mlb package? I have the firestick jailbreak but the picture quality sucks..

  12. I’m not very technically savvy. I have Direct TV. I want to set up our house using Unblockus and MLB.TV so I am able to watch the Dodgers throughout our house on several TV’s – I don’t want to use the computer to view. I have two Smart TV’s with the MLB.TV app built in (I haven’t subscribed yet though) and one newer non-Smart-TV but have a Roku 3 box attached to this.

    So for the free trial, what steps would I take to begin the installation and execution of Unblockus so I would be ultimately be able to see the games on all three TV set-ups (not using a computer).


    • mm

      Go on their site and follow set up instructions. You need to set up your router so any device connecting to it will be good to go. That should do it for all devices

      • Does/will changing the router DNS settings to out of the country standards, as is required, mess up any normal functioning of my home network/connectivity with other devices, etc. Just concerned about the possible negatives regarding changing the DNS settings to a non-US location. Thanks!

  13. I signed up to unblock-us.com . Trying to set up through PS3. Site says I am all connected but not picking up the game. Any tips on what I could try to fix the problem? Mlb preview is free this week so I wanted to see if I could get this to work before orderimg the package. Have all the other games except angels and Dodgers.

  14. After days and days of trying and tens of e-mails back and forth, I am unable to get Unblockus or Unlocator to work with my router. Unblockus is blaming it on Time Warner, calling it a Time Warner Cable/ISP internet issue. Here is their most recent response as why it’s not working:

    “As I check the screenshots that you’ve provided it is clear to me what’s causing the issue. It seems that there’s something blocking us. There are some restrictions that can hinder our service like Transparent Proxy or DNS Hijacking. These are usually being deployed by ISP’s to “improve” the performance of their users but this will block our service. At this point, we only have two options.

    1, Call your ISP and have them unblock our DNS service.
    2, Use our service on a different ISP.

    I asked them if this is a common issue with people who have Time Warner Cable as their ISP and they said no. So I’m not sure why it would just be me having this issue. Unlocator wouldn’t let me sign up for a trial account at all stating it would not allow signups from my IP.

    This is all very frustrating. Are there any other services other than these two that people are using? I do not want to watch the games on my computer – only on my two Smart TV’s with the MLB.TV app built in and my non-Smart TV with a Roku 3 box attached.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I’m dying not being able to see the games at all for going on two years. Thanks!

    • mm

      so you have Time Warner cable? I used them last year and had no issues. If you have them can you just get cable? Im not sure what is going on? I have heard everyone be successful, maybe a few set up issues but once they got it figured out has worked.

  15. How is the service of Hola.org? I’ve seen that they do charge a $5 monthly premium. is it better than Unblock-us?

  16. That’s a good article! I just want to share that I personally prefer UnoTelly. It’s similar to Unlocator so you can watch Dodger Games but they offer a DNS server close to physical location and I can achieve better performance.

  17. You can use TOR and it is free. There are also a lot of VPN that are free too.

  18. I just watched the dodgers vs Colorado. unlocator works. but when I went into mlbtv and had them check my ip address it was my home. did unlocator work or did mlbtv just let me watch the game because it was away? I guess tomorrow I will find out when the dodgers are home. I thought all games on mlbtv for dodgers were blacked out because of timewarner’s tv rights.

  19. Hey Roger, when using unlocator for your mlb plan…does this affect your wifi speed? I have alot of issues with the wifi and I’m not sure whether the unlocator is affecting it.

  20. Has anyone tried AdFreeTime to unlock the Apple TV and get to MLB.tv and watch the Dodgers both home and away games?

  21. Is there any other way to watch the dodgers for free.

  22. Are the Dodger’s Squeeze-Play editions available on MLB.tv?

  23. Does anyone else have Time Warner and is able to watch the dodgers using MLB and unlocator? How was the setup was it hard?

  24. I live in Olympia Washington just want to watch Dodgers for Vin Scully’s last year. Would I be able to do?

  25. You can also use MLB on your jailbroken iPhone, use a location spoofer and run it though your TV via HDMI cable. I’ve done that for years – it’s not complicated, Google how to jailbreak and download a spoofer app like LocationHolic. Or you can just watch on your phone.

    The only problem is when you get a call and it interrupts the game!

  26. There’s a video of a guy unblocking the Opening Game last night:


  27. Is the feed supposed to freeze? My constantly does

    • mm

      what you using? I had issues with ps3 a few years back. Been on apple tv and no issues. May also be internet speed?

      • I’m using a PS4….. And I think it might be internet speed as well…. Will try a few more times and provide an update

  28. just to be clear. I buy the MLB tv package and one of the services listed. But this still only works watching on my computer right? not through the DTV box? I’m no techie

  29. I changed the DNS on my Apple TV and the opening day game was over. I wass able to watch a replay on the Arizona station. Since last year I could not see it on either the LA or out of state channels I think I am good. We’ll see tomorrow.

      • Yes. I had to wait until Wednesday’s game to watch and it worked fine. The issue I had was Apple was not able to send MLB.com my subscription so it wouldn’t work on my computers. So Apple refunded my subscription, I ordered it through MLB and the logged in on my apple tv and it works awesome.

  30. Is there a way to do this without using a wifi connection? I have unlimited data on my phone, can I just use the 3G/4G connection from there?

  31. I read that this will not work with ATT Uverse as ther is no way to change or hide the geographical location on the Uverse system. Is that true?

    • mm

      Have not heard that from anyone

      • If you start your unblock account it has videos on how to do it. As long as you have a router it should work.

    • Rich, regarding ATT Uverse, I use Unlocator and it works. What you heard about geographical location was correct because what they are referring to is modifying the DNS settings on the Uverse gateway (router equipment), which cannot be modified. So instead you change the DNS settings on the device that you are using to receive MLB.tv. In my case that would be changing the DNS settings on my smart TV, which works perfectly. Not all devices have the ability to change the DNS settings, such as, the Roku devices. Bottom line is this if you have Uverse, check the Unlocator site and look at their support section to see how to adjust the DNS settings on the device you will be using to stream MLB.tv.

  32. I used MLB.TV last year with unblock. I live in South OC, TWC is not available. I have DirecTV. I used appletv. I did everything EXACTLY the same this year. I tried 6 different DNS block sights and multiple addresses. Nothing worked. Obviously MLB. TV has blocked. It sucks. I cannot watch the last year of Vinny with my 11 year old. Does anyone have a work around?

    • mm

      I’m thinking some setting is wrong. Im watching, same as last year as so many others are too

      • How are you guys doing this from a device that uses location services? iPhones,iPads, android phones,etc… MLB at bat requires location to be on and knows your location and than blacks out the game. Please advise.

  33. I watch the MLB.tv streams and the quality is fine. Plus I found a free stream of Sportsnet LA for the pre/post game as well.

  34. Is this just for dodger games ? My husband a I just moved to Cali from NY. I’m a dodgers fan and he’s a Yankees fan we both get blocked out from watching the games b/c we have direttv. If this works for Yankees channels too, we’d be so happy!

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