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Dodgers News: Zack Greinke to Sign with Diamondbacks

Dodgers outbid by Division Rival

UPDATE 2: Dodgers statement regarding Zack Grienke

It is being reported Greink’s deal is for six years $206 Million UPDATE: Reports saying Zack Greinle signed a six year deal with Arizona Wow! Zack Greinke has decided to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Earlier today Ken Rosenthal reported the Diamondbacks were in on Greinke.

A few minutes ago Rosenthal again tweeting Greienke and Diamondbacks were in agreement pending physical.

Dodgers priority was bringing Greinke back but were uncomfortable guaranteeing a sixth year. Still no reports on final deal but once we hear we will update. As of now though it looks like Zack Greinke is headed to Arizona

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