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An Eric Gagne comeback would fill us with nostalgia

Eric Gagne attempts comeback

An Eric Gagne comeback would fill us with nostalgia The Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 Spring Training has started off with a flurry. Former Dodger  Closer Eric Gagne, has pitched bullpen sessions n order tuneups for the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Could an all-time great be returning back to the major leagues? Several media outlets reported former closer Eric Gagne pitched …

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Dodgers Preview: Infield for 2017 Dodgers

Dodgers 2017 Infield

Dodgers Preview: Infield for 2017 Dodgers Now that the dust has settled on the recent Los Angeles Dodgers offseason moves let’s take a look at what the infield will possibly look like as we head into Spring Training. With a new season upon us the Dodgers are going in with some familiar faces and some fresh ones as well. The …

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Chase Utley returning to Dodgers remains a question

Dodgers Chase Utley

Chase Utley returning to Dodgers remains a question Despite the Los Angeles Dodgers acquiring Logan Forsythe the need for Chase Utley next season is still there and some players have already voiced their support. Utley’s defensive prowess at second base makes him invaluable, and he has provided a collection of highlight reel plays. Chase Utley is already 38 but his production still …

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Dodgers Fan Fest 2017

Dodgers FanFest 2017

Dodgers Fan Fest 2017 The 2017 edition of the Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Fest was a blast. Parking wasn’t an issue at Dodger Stadium. We pulled up to the stadium around 920am and walked into the right field line. This year they had a dedicated line for VIP Experiences and 10:10am autograph sessions. If you don’t know about the autograph …

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Dodgers Editorial: Do the Dodgers Have a Brighter Future Than The Arizona Diamondbacks

Dodgers Editorial: Dodgers Minor Leaguers

Dodgers Editorial There is no question the Arizona Diamondbacks have made some major moves in the last week to shake up the National League West. It started last week when they came in at the eleventh hour and were able to sign away Dodgers Co-Ace Zack Greinke. Up until Wednesday and Thursday, the Dodgers felt they were in great position …

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MLB Top 30 Free Agent Signing Predictions

By: Emilio Lacques-Zapien (Twitter: @EmilioLZ323) Believe it or not, the Winter Meetings for all MLB General Managers are just around the corner (December 7). Here are my predictions as to where the remaining of the top 30 free agents will sign before the start of the 2016 season and for how much. Front line starting pitching and outfielders are robust …

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Five Major Questions For Dodgers To Answer This Offseason

By: Emilio Lacques-Zapien (Twitter: @EmilioLZ323) The Kansas City Royals deserved to win the World Series. I wholeheartedly believed they were the overall best team in baseball from top to bottom all season. They did it with great defense, clutch hitting, a stellar bullpen, aggressive base-running, and an underrated starting pitching core. Attributes such as contact hitting, bullpen depth, fundamental fielding, …

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Feeling Blue

“Feeling Blue” By Emilio Lacques-Zapien (Twitter: @EmilioLZ323) It was a sad sight at Dodgers Stadium on October 15, as it turned out to be Jacob deGrom and Daniel Murphy that would #RockTheRavine in game #5 of the NLDS, as the Dodgers lost to the Mets by a final score of 3-2. Once again, the Dodgers fell short of getting past …

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Dodgers vs. Mets NLDS Full Preview

“Dodgers Vs. Mets NLDS Full Preview” By: Emilio Lacques-Zapien The stage is now set for a provocative National League Division Series first round playoff matchup between the L.A. Dodgers and the N.Y Mets-two franchises that have been starving for a shot to get back to the World Series. The Mets haven’t won a title since 1986, and the Dodgers of …

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The Yaz-Manian Dodger

Author: Emilio Lacques-Zapien As the Dodgers make their move into September after wrapping up a tough road trip and five-game road losing streak, they are hanging onto first place by just a thread over the Giants in the National League West. Nonetheless, the team is still, technically, barely…in first place for the moment. To be fair, the Dodgers have managed …

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