Dodgers And Rangers Discussed Possible Trade At GM Meetings

Ken Rosenthal from Fox sports just sent out a few tweets stating that the Dodgers and Rangers discussed a trade at the GM meetings. The Dodgers with and extra outfielder and the Rangers with an extra infielder. The Rangers inquired about Matt Kemp, but have concerns about health and the remaning six years on his contract. The Dodgers in return like Elvis Andrus, but Rosenthal states that talks failed to progress. It will be interesting to see if talks continue once again at the Winter meetings.








  1. You don’t trade Matt kemp are they losing there minds in La love my Dodgers but no way in Hell I trade Matt kemp!!!!!!!!

  2. 15 million a year for 8 years for a good defensive shortstop that offensively is average at best for a gold glove center fielder that 2 years ago was considered the best player in baseball? They can have Crawford for Andrus and pay the difference. Dodgers, don’t give up on kemp yet!

  3. I’m a die hard dodger fan, they better not trade kemp!! It would be a dumb move!!! Unless it’s for delino de shields!! Lmao keep kemp dodgers, get rid of ethier, can’t hit left handed pitching!!!

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